Thursday, June 11, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Ok so just something to think about:

What is the difference between a fetus in the womb and a baby who has been born?

So I had never really asked myself that question until I heard it being discussed on a radio show. As I listened I heard the speaker address 3 differences between the two. Ok so Number 1: Size Number 2: Development, Number 3: Location

So he went on to explain his response. He addressed the issue of size first in that he queried if you have a six foot tall man and you stand him beside a one year old child would you look at that man and say his life had more meaning then the child because of his size? Did the fact that he was three times larger have any affect on his worth in comparison to the child? Did the fact that the child only came up to the mans knees make his life less valuable?

He then addressed development. He pondered, If you stand a four year old girl, without breasts, without fully developed reproductive organs, with a brain that will not be fully developed until she is well into her twenties , next to her mother who has fully developed breasts, reproductive organs and brain, would you conclude that the mothers life is more valuable then the daughter? Does the daughters life have value even though she is less developed? If so, is it less because she has less?

Then there is location. So for example, if a loved one leaves this continent to travel overseas, does that change of location affect the value of their life? If not then how can the eight inches a baby has to travel down the birth canal mean the difference between a 'simple procedure' and murder?

So having looked at those 3 differences I could not see a difference myself between the two.

Food for thought.

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